Walker Simmons Designs' specializes in transforming ordinary rooms into elegant living spaces that are personal...timeless...cozy. The use of color is a central element in all of their designs. Their ability to combine contrasting colors and infuse them into a room with fabrics, wall coverings and flooring gives every room a magical touch. Spectacular wall coverings and ceiling treatments make every room explode with beauty and warmth. When they're designing a room, they like to find or use existing collections to give the home a unique feeling. "That's the charming kind of touch that makes a house feel personal."

Reusing family heirlooms is a design approach Andre and David love. "We like to take furniture and pieces that have accumulated over the years and recycle them and develop rooms that have an instant sense of history and drama."

The most important aspect of interior design for Andre and David is insuring your home is filled with the pieces you love and a look you'll always treaure. "When you're trying to put a home together you've got to be careful to fill it with only the stuff that you really, really love. The pieces that mean something to you will work wherever you go, and it's so satisfying to give them new life."